CEMEX USA to Supply Material for Houston Loop

CEMEX USA announced that it is supplying more than 100,000 tons of high-quality cement and more than 200,000 cu. yd. of ready mix concrete for the latest phase of construction for the Grand Parkway, the planned 180-mile circumferential highway in Houston.

As one of the largest highway projects in Houston, structural and paving concrete provided by CEMEX are expected to help construction crews complete Grand Parkway’s H, I-1 and I-2 segments, the portions of the highway loop project northeast of Houston. 

To support the needs of the highway construction, CEMEX permitted and is operating a portable central mix plant to give crews with joint-venture contractor, GPI, a nearby location to directly access concrete for more than 50 miles of highway.

“CEMEX USA is proud to be part of an iconic infrastructure project in our headquarters city of Houston and one that will help ease traffic and improve local travel for commuters,” said CEMEX USA Regional President – Texas Region Scott Ducoff. “Completing the Grand Parkway is a significant endeavor and opportunity for us to continue to innovate how we efficiently and effectively deliver our best-in-class materials to meet the demands of inspiring projects such as this one.” 

For more information on the project, visit the website, http://sh99grandpkwy.com.

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