Rammer Excellence Line Comprises State-of-the-Art Hydraulic Hammers

The Rammer Excellence Line continues the company’s 40-year tradition of delivering innovative hammers designed to improve profitability, safety and performance. With its new customer-focused features, the line demonstrates Rammer’s commitment to assisting businesses to enhance their performance. The updated/upgraded Excellence Line received its official U.S. launch at ConExpo-Con/Agg, underlining Rammer’s desire to constantly renew its offering to meet changing customer requirements.

Hits Smarter
The Excellence Line comprises state-of-the-art hydraulic hammers that are ready for all rock-breaking requirements. A key feature is that safety is at the heart of operation across the whole range, whether the hammer is being used in a quarry, on a demolition project, tunnel or any other application.

The newly updated range now includes integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and more efficient processes, thereby continuing Rammer’s tradition of delivering innovative hammers designed to improve profitability, safety and performance.

RD3 and MyFleet Telematics Service
One of the major developments within the Excellence Line is Rammer’s purpose-developed RD3 remote monitoring device – a first of its kind on hammers. The RD3 is a standard feature on all Rammer Excellence Line hammers, it is also available as on option for Rammer Performance Line hammers and as retrofit-kit for older Rammer hammers.

The RD3 is the latest service indicator development from Rammer, using the latest GPS and Telematics technology. The new Telematics solution is more advanced and is based on customer feedback. Additionally, the RD3 uses the Rammer MyFleet Telematics service to track and monitor fleet equipment usage without the need to go to site to collect data – ideal for dealers, rental companies, service managers at contractors and operators. This cloud-based system enables the hammers to be viewed and monitored via Google maps.

The RD3 remote monitoring device, together with the MyFleet service, is the solution the construction industry has been seeking for many years and is set to become a key component of the equipment rental business. Furthermore, its features improve total utilization of equipment, of particular benefit in applications where the hammer is part of the process (such as quarrying, mining or tunneling), and where unscheduled interruption cannot be tolerated.

Hammer Lifetime
Operationally, the RD3 provides the information that businesses need to get the very best from their hammers. The system enables remote monitoring of total operating hours for new units and comes with a new hammer feature, the ‘hour meter,’ linked to the unit’s serial number to measure the exact number of hours it has worked. This enables more accurate invoicing (for example, in the case of hire companies or contractors), proactive or scheduled servicing and enables an accurate value to be set if the unit is sold or traded. The system also enables owners and managers of fleets to know exactly where their equipment is and how it is being used. This facilitates better business decision-making, improved security and optimized fleet location, together with enhanced application knowledge and operator support – all accomplished via GPS data, contributing to the overall profitability of the business.

As well as using the MyFleet service, Rammer’s new remote monitoring device also draws heavily on the latest version of Rammer’s Ramdata system. Rammer has long been a pioneer in the field of developing Telematic customer-focused solutions, with Ramdata II and now the RD3 being the very latest in a line of intelligent solutions.

Both of the latest introductions have drawn heavily on feedback from customers, dealers and fleet managers, with the system being refined and developed to facilitate a new way of operating. The combination of MyFleet Telematics and data accessed through the RD3 enables well-informed business decisions to be made.

Rammer, www.rammer.com

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