Gericke USA Mobile Touts Pneumatic Conveying Control System

Gericke USA unveiled a mobile STP 61 pneumatic conveying control system. Developed to prevent product loss, contamination and fugitive dust emissions during the unloading of powders, pellets and other bulk materials from tankers, trailers, railcars and silos, the mobile STP 61 enables process engineers to deploy the company’s proprietary technology used to automate conveying inside the plant at the point of receiving outside the plant.

The mobile STP 61 sytem integrates the company’s proprietary controller with a pneumatic safety valve and associated connections all set within a rolling platform for easy movement to the discharge. Once a sealed connection is established, the controller directs the material transfer automatically, safely and efficiently.

Delivered fully assembled and tested, the control system arrives pre-programmed and ready to operate or custom configure using a full-color, touch-screen control panel setup in a choice of 14 languages.

In operation, the mobile STP 61 automatically manages the ratio of conveying air to product to promote fast unloading and minimize air consumption while providing a comprehensive range of process data on-site and in real-time.

Gericke USA Inc.,

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