Allu Crusher Series Includes Three Models

Allu, the manufacturer of the Transformer and Processor ranges of material-handling attachments, offers its latest development: the new Allu Crusher.

The global launch of the Allu Crusher series will initially see three crusher models introduced for excavators in the 10- to 33-ton range. All have purpose-developed features that ease their use and optimize performance, while providing easy maintenance in the field. Amongst the many customer-focused features included on the new Allu Crushers are:

  • Reversible crushing. This reduces the potential for jamming, blockages, or obstruction with rebar are avoided, while delivering greater levels of production and reducing the need for any manual involvement in the crushing process.
  • Feed plate design built into the jaw. This ensures that the feeding function in a fully loaded chamber delivers high rates of production with minimal risk of bridging.
  • Simple mechanical pin adjustment for output size regulation. This makes the entire crushing process easy and safe with quick adjustment for various output specifications.
  • The crusher “opens like a clam.” Through this design, easy and quick replacement of wear parts is ensured through ease of access, saving time spent on maintenance, thereby minimizing risk to operators and maximizing productive crushing.

Jeroen Hinnen, vice president of sales for Allu Group, said of Allu’s latest development, “By bringing this new product line to market we will be able to provide customers with what they have been looking for. The Allu Transformer range offers unique productivity and efficiency benefits on soft rock and other materials, whilst the Allu Crusher range enables hard rock, and often troublesome demolition materials, to be effectively reduced.

“We look forward to seeing this truly customer focused solution reach the market which will further help quarrying and demolition professionals transform their business. The product will complement the Allu offering and expand the customer base for the company,” he said.

As well transforming the way businesses work, all Allu equipment is focused on helping businesses transforming their green credentials. This is achieved as less material is transported to the jobsite meaning a reduction in fuel consumption, less material to landfill and the greater efficient utilization of waste materials leading to the support of sustainability.

Vitally, this is accomplished as Allu equipment helps transform any carrier – excavator, wheel loader, skid steer, etc. – into a multifunctional tool that will screen, crush, mix, aerate, pulverize and load all in a one-step operation.

Also, for use with the Allu Transformers is the latest version of the Allu mobile app, which provides an intelligent digital solution for customers and operators to obtain accurate and timely information regarding safe operations at jobsites, thereby maximizing the use of the Allu equipment.

Using IoT technology, the Allu App provides information about the working hours and the right angle of inclination used by the Allu Transformer. In order to maintain maximum productivity on the site and to minimize equipment downtime, the Allu App provides information about the ideal maintenance frequency and the changing of wear parts, based on the working hours.

Furthermore, the Allu App provides instructions to guide the operator through safe working methods when using the Allu attachment throughout the whole operating and ownership process.


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