Tsurumi Heavy Sand Pump Doubles Output

PTP091420 tsurumi

Get the dirty job done seems to be the motto at Tsurumi once again when it comes to pumping heavy slurry water because this is what the pump manufacturer has designed its new GPN 837 to do.

The unit is the new top model in the series. Compared to the strongest model to date, the GPN 622, Tsurumi has been able to almost double the water output, to 9,000 liters per minute.

However, “water” can hardly be taken literally: Declared as a “heavy sand pump,” the GPN 837 is intended for use wherever considerable amounts of solid matter are involved, for example, in gravel pits or where sand, sludge, slurry and preferably also Bentonite are involved.

For this purpose, the engineers have designed the pump with solid construction. At 150 liters per second, hard rocks up to 30 mm in size can pass through the pump with ease. The agitator at the suction opening mixes mud and water so that it becomes more fluid.

The pump with a dry weight of 815 kg and a height of roughly 1 meter, is driven by an electric motor with 37 kW (400 V). The GPN 837 pumps vertically up to 24 meters. When submerged, it is pressure-resistant to a depth of 30 meters.

The water is diverted in a spiral around the pump: a trick to counter the high abrasive effect of the pumped medium. The impeller and suction plate are also made of chrome cast iron, the housing of grey cast iron GG 20. For critical elements such as the double inside mechanical seal, the manufacturer uses even silicon carbide – a material nearly as hard as diamond. Tsurumi´s innovative oil lifter, which lubricates the pump shaft in any position reliably by centrifugal force, is also installed.

Tsurumi, www.tsurumipump.com

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