Granite Relies on Digital Transformation, Limited Shared Touchpoints

As with so many industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for the construction-materials industry. Granite is being proactive in meeting these challenges.

“Thankfully our teams have swiftly and elegantly adopted the new personal protective equipment requirements and safety measures to proactively keep our employees, their families, our business partners, and our communities safe,” the company stated. “Two new safety measures, the adoption of social distancing and limiting shared touchpoints, have served as the impetus for our aggregate and asphalt materials plants to move to a new paperless ticketing system.

“Granite is taking the lead in the adoption of paperless and contactless invoicing through electronic ticketing (eTicketing) at our materials plants. Because continuous improvement is top of mind at Granite, our information technology department is always looking for ways to enable our teams to perform work more productively and safely. eTicketing is an example of when preparation meets opportunity by allowing our materials plants to leverage technology to improve operational efficiency while also supporting new safety standards.

“The use of eTicketing aids in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 by protecting not only our teams, but also truck drivers and subcontractors because there are no shared touch points and material tickets are created automatically and shared through applications such as DOTSlip. Capturing the transactions digitally also provides visibility to the broader team on both sides of the transaction from real-time visibility into the purchase, to long-range trends and inventory availability.

“Digital transformation is essential for any growing business and is especially true at Granite. The current use of eTicketing is already providing Granite with better visibility into haul costs and helping to ensure timely delivery of material to our job sites. With a few clicks, anyone on a job can see current and historical haul status and plan their operations accordingly. Granite’s digital transformation began well before the COVID-19 pandemic. The current move to eTicketing highlights the digital technology groundwork laid around the organization which has enabled us to continue performing our work safely in this challenging environment,” the company concluded.

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