Michigan Gas Tax Could Spike by 45 Cents

RR062519 GovWhitmer

June 25, 2019 – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer visited Grand Rapids to push her plan to revitalize Michigan’s roads, a promise she’s touted since she pledged to “fix the damn roads” during her election campaign, according to a report on WWMT. Standing under a bridge along U.S. Route 131, Whitmer again pushed her gas-tax proposal, calling the state’s bridge system critical. “Michiganders are known for innovation and grit and doing the right thing and working hard,” Whitmer said. “The legislature should live up to those same values and get this budget done.” The Governor’s proposal would increase Michigan’s gas tax by 45 cents. The hike would generate $2.5 billion annually, and would bring the gas tax from the current 26 cent per gallon gas tax to 71 cents per gallon, according to the state budget office.

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