Colas Group Revenues Increase in 2018

Colas Group reported that revenue in North America in 2018 increased 32 percent following the March 1, 2018, integration of Miller McAsphalt in Canada. At constant scope and exchange rates, business was down 1 percent, due in particular to inclement weather and strained markets in some states and provinces.

Revenue in the rest of the world (international excluding Europe and North America) was up 4 percent (+8 percent at constant scope and exchange rates). The situation is contrasted between Oceania with 20 percent growth, the French Overseas Regions and the Indian Ocean with 14 percent growth, and Africa, where revenue is down 13 percent.

After Colas Group’s acquisitions of Miller McAsphalt and Alpiq’s rail subsidiaries in 2018, Colas is refocusing on its strategic activities: transport infrastructure and construction materials. It sold waterproofing business SMAC, which will reduce Colas revenues by an estimated €600 million but is not expected to have a significant impact on Colas’ operating income.

Looking ahead, the company said that in the United States, despite a favorable economic environment and very high needs, uncertainties remain as to financing. In Canada, the situation should vary from province to province; some have major investment plans while others are dependent on oil prices.

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