Cat Debuts High Drive Electric Dozer

The all-new Cat D6 dozer delivers new levels of efficiency and performance with a choice of electric drive or fully automatic power train. A redesigned purpose-built VPAT dozer offers best-in-class grading, while updated technology features help operators to be more productive.

Customer profitability is enhanced with up to 35 percent better fuel efficiency and reduced service and maintenance costs. An all-new cab resets the standard in comfort, while a range of configuration choices helps customers optimize machine performance for business needs. At 215 hp and an operating weight range of 47,949 to 53,126 lb., the new D6 replaces the versatile D6T bulldozer.

This next-generation dozer offers a choice of advanced power train: the D6 XE with electric drive or the D6 with a fully automatic four-speed power shift transmission.

The D6 XE is the world’s first high drive electric drive dozer, offering up to 35 percent better fuel efficiency and increased agility compared to the previous three-speed model D6T. Constant power to the ground, continuous push and greater maneuverability mean faster cycle times, making electric drive a top choice to achieve the highest level of productivity and fuel efficiency. Added D6 XE productivity and reduced fuel cost mean customers looking for these benefits can expect to see payback of the added investment over a D6 in less than two years.

The D6 XE features a next-generation Electric Drive system that offers high performance along with added durability. Simplified diagnostics and the serviceability advantages of a high drive dozer help reduce service and maintenance costs.


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