Victaulic Releases Pipe-Joining Technology

PTP QuickVic

Victaulic’s QuickVic SD Installation-Ready System is a plain end pipe joining technology designed for use on carbon steel systems sized 2 in./DN50 and down. It is the most economical and efficient pipe joining solution for small diameter systems, offering a significant total installed cost savings when compared to current pipe materials and installation methods.

The system includes installation-ready couplings, fittings and valves, and the PC3110 Cut & Mark Tool. Available in sizes ½ in. to 2 in./DN15 to DN50, the products can be used on Schedules 10 through 80 carbon steel pipe and have a maximum working pressure and temperature rating of 300 psi/2068 kPa/21 bar and 250 F/120 C (with the EPDM gasket).


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