Montabert V7000 for Heavy Breaking

Montabert offers the V7000 hydraulic breaker. The V7000 is similar to Montabert’s reliable V6500, but is heavier and more powerful for demolition, quarrying, mining and excavating applications.

It is Montabert’s largest breaker to date with a carrier weight range of 70-120 tons, also featuring new patented variable speed technology to allow for more versatility and greater productivity, and fewer moving parts internally to reduce maintenance costs. Its technology is based on the proven, dependable design of Montabert’s complete breaker lineup.

Montabert General Manager Stephane Giroudon said the V7000 was added to the company’s renowned line because the market is growing in this segment and end-users are looking for larger breakers as carriers get bigger and more powerful. He said Montabert has already received numerous requests for a reliable solution from existing customers who have been waiting for something more. Now, Montabert can provide the answer. “Once the product is available for purchase later this year, they can now find comfort in our renowned, hydraulic breaker technology that they have come to love from Montabert,” Giroudon said.

All of Montabert’s breakers, including the V7000, have state-of-the-art suspension systems to reduce vibration and wear, greatly increasing the lifespan of the machine and allowing them to outlast existing competitors in the market. “At Montabert, we always strive to bring the most innovative, reliable solutions to market, to make sure our customers can cost-effectively maximize productivity. The addition of the V7000 only makes us more equipped to better serve their evolving needs,” Giroudon said.


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