Board Approves Expansion for Illinois Quarry The Lakemoor, Ill., village board unanimously approved measures allowing for the annexation of property on its far west side, as well as for uses by Thelen Sand and Gravel for mining and related activities. The approvals allow Thelen to expand its current mining operation to another 164 acres and would increase the company’s total…

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Postalloy Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes Offer Better Wear Resistance

Postalloy Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes from Postle are a unique concept in hardfacing technology. As a tubular electrode, they are filled with the highest percentage of carbide forming alloys, much more (20 percent+) than any other Tubular Flux-Cored Wire. This gives much better wear resistance and overall product performance.

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Thurman Scale Announces New Ts600 Desktop Scale Instrument Family

Thurman Scale announced the new TS600 vehicle scale instrument family, an economical vehicle-weighing instrument with numerous features, including outbound and stored tare functions. The midrange TS600 is an excellent general-purpose vehicle scale instrument, perfect for customers who need to upgrade or replace an existing analog instrument or require a mechanical-to-digital or an analog-to-Intalogix conversion. It is also ideal for those…

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