Metso Signed 14 Distribution Agreements in 2017

DN011018 Metso

Metso strengthened its presence in the aggregates market globally with 14 new distribution agreements signed during 2017. These new agreements further expanded the coverage of Metso’s crushing and screening offering for the construction industry and included Texas, one of the main markets for mobile equipment. 

“Developing a global distribution community is one of the strategic focus areas within Metso’s aggregates business. We build strategic partnerships which, in cooperation with our product and service development teams, will shape Metso’s future offering and create the best possible value for our customers”, said Markku Simula, president of aggregates equipment at Metso.

By partnering with top distributors, Metso improves its presence in its traditional core markets as well as in new areas. Distributors provide support for customers both in equipment and services. Metso’s global aggregates community currently has more than 100 official distributors. 

“We are constantly looking for new, best-in-class channel partners as well as developing the performance of our existing community. We are particularly interested in joining forces with distributors who are eager to develop further their service capabilities,” said Adrian Wood, head of global aggregates distribution at Metso.

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