Luck Ecosystems Expands Operations into Maryland

Luck Ecosystems, a business unit of Luck Stone that produces a variety of custom-engineered blended soils and riprap for environmental and recreational purposes, is expanding its footprint into Maryland through a partnership with Chaney Enterprises, the largest ready-mix, sand and gravel supplier in Maryland. 

The expansion resulted when Luck Ecosystems acquired a blended soils production operation that is co-located on Chaney’s sand and gravel mine in Waldorf, Md. The operation includes a fixed blending plant, along with several pieces of mobile equipment and two dry storage structures. All products from this operation will be sold under the Luck Ecosystems brand.

“Waldorf is well-positioned near the metro area of Washington, D.C., which enables us to easily serve customers throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland,” said Nate Salatin, general manager of Luck Ecosystems. “This expansion in partnership with Chaney Enterprises aligns with our strategic growth goal of being the leading blended media and riprap provider in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.” 

Salatin added, “Chaney’s high-quality sand products are critical to our business at Luck Ecosystems. We are very excited about the opportunities that this partnership will offer to improve the outdoor experience in communities we serve.” 

“We welcome Luck Ecosystems to their new operation in Maryland,” said Hall Chaney, president of Chaney Enterprises. “Their unique products are helping us provide our customers throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland with the materials they need to build healthier, greener spaces for a better quality of life.”

Luck Ecosystems transforms natural products  – such as soil, sand and aggregate from the company’s quarry operations and partner network – into high-performance media to naturally filter stormwater, support organic plant growth, optimize sports field play surfaces, and prevent erosion on land and shorelines.

Salatin noted that the product expertise of the Luck Ecosystems team, as well as the rigorous testing and advanced custom-blending capability offered by the business, ensures consistent, readily-available products for every type of project. Also, Luck Ecosystems’ extensive partner network in Virginia and now Maryland provides abundant natural resources and a proven distribution system for timely delivery to the project site.

Luck Ecosystems produces its specialty products at up to 15 locations throughout Maryland and Virginia with additional satellite locations planned as needed for future growth.

Below is a brief overview of the product families offered by Luck Ecosystems:

RainScape (Stormwater Management)

There’s a growing need for communities and municipalities to implement strategic stormwater management initiatives with advanced filtration products that trap nutrients and sediments during drainage. Through its RainScape product family, Luck Ecosystems offers several specialty products that provide safe, more natural water filtration for a healthier environment. Also, there are several green construction products to help engineers meet and exceed regulatory guidelines for removing water pollutants and adopting sustainable building practices. The RainScape product line includes innovative, custom-designed biofiltration media, streambed restoration, structured soil, compost amended soil and creative green roof solutions. 

GreenScience (Growing Media)

Luck Ecosystems produces the only horticultural growing media registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Distributed in Virginia and Maryland, the specialty products within GreenScience offer several types of soil media with a high-quality growing consistency. The products also allow for sustainable management and growth of grass, plants and trees in community green spaces. The GreenScience product line includes premium topsoil, screened soil, structured soil and custom blends.

FieldGem (Ball Field Mix) 

Municipalities and field maintenance personnel know that the right balance of sand, silt and clay on the ball field will reduce maintenance time while increasing playing frequency. Luck Ecosystems fashions unique infield material and related products that are designed to optimize sports field surfaces and also facilitate safe, frequent play. The FieldGem product line includes pro infield, choice plus, choice infield and red mound forming clay.

CourseScience (Golf Media)

With its extensive experience in the golf course industry, Luck Ecosystems can assist course superintendents in choosing existing products or in developing customized blends as needed. The CourseScience product line includes USGA rootzone, utility topdressing sand, bunker sand and tee construction rootzone.

LandShield (Erosion Control & Water Management)

Protection and preservation of landscapes, waterfront environments and shorelines is paramount to Luck Ecosystems. The LandShield product line offers riprap, armor stone, imbricated riprap and security boulders in customer-specified dimensions for maximum erosion prevention in a wide array of inland and marine applications.

“The team at Luck Ecosystems takes a lot of pride in our ability to repurpose ordinary natural resources into extraordinary products that protect the environment and create more rewarding sports experiences,” concluded Salatin.

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