RAM Adds Critical Topics to Premier Surface Blasting Course

R.A. McClure Inc. (RAM) will hold its Premier Surface Blasting Course at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, S.D., from Sept. 6-8, 2017. In addition to the signature core curriculum, the three-day Surface Blasting course will add special presenter Randy Wheeler of White Industrial Seismology Inc., who will instruct attendees on proper seismographic placement, signature hole technology and wave form analysis.

“Our Surface Blasting course is designed around blast design, optimization and improving blast performance,” said Robert McClure, president of RAM. “Mr. Wheeler will dive deep into the science of blast monitoring to course attendees that seismic monitoring can be taken far beyond just meeting regulations. Operations can use this information to conduct vibration analysis and improve blast timing – hole to hole, row to row and deck to deck. ”

RAM’s Surface Blasting course explores all aspects of the latest, state-of-the-art blasting methods and technologies, along with rock face profiling. New this year, instructors will dive into the benefits unmanned aircraft systems (aka drones) and supporting software hold for mining operations. “We are in the infancy of using drone technology at mines,” continued McClure. “There are a number of cost-effective uses for drones to improve blast optimization, including profiling and blast design, pre- and post-blast analysis, in situ and blasted volumes, and muck pile cross sections and uniformity.”

Created for personnel involved with the use of explosives, RAM’s premier Surface Blasting Course is structured to give students practical field experience on blasting techniques. It covers a broad base of explosives topics focused on improving blast performance, including design, measurements and geological factors relating to shot design. Attendees learn the basics about vibration control, trenching and transient pressures, and controlled blasting and performance. An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Crazy Horse Memorial is also as part of the registration package.

RAM’s Surface Blasting Course is taught by explosives experts with decades of practical blasting experience. All attendees receive 20 continuing education credits for blaster certification or renewal. Course topics include:

  • The history of explosives, commercial explosives and delivery systems.
  • Rock face profiling technology and blast design.
  • Improving blast performance through better blast design.
  • Updates on electronic and pyrotechnic initiation systems and supporting technologies.
  • Taking concise measurements and determining geological factors relating to shot design.
  • Use of unmanned aircraft systems for pre- and post-blast analysis.

Dates for RAM Inc.’s Surface Blasting course are Wednesday, Sept. 6 – Friday, Sept. 8, 2017. The premier Surface Blasting course offers an early registration discount for registration and payment received prior to July 31, 2017. Full details on the course and registration can be found on www.ramets.com.

An international blast engineering and consulting firm, RAM focuses on improving productivity and safety through blast optimization, advanced technical services and training. RAM offers a wide range of services, including Explosives Educational Services – offering the most up-to-date training seminars in the explosives industry – and Explosives Technical Services – providing innovative advanced technical engineering, project management, training, safety services and solutions, blast design and explosives applications for regulatory, mining, civil, military and seismic operations worldwide. 

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