Durabook Computers Built Tough for In-The-Field Applications

Rugged computers, whether notebooks or tablets, make it possible for individuals to successfully work outside – literally and figuratively – away from an office. They provide versatility and mobility. And most importantly, they are designed and built to operate in environments that commercial computers would never survive, such as a quarry environment.

GammaTech’s Durabook rugged computers are specifically designed to meet challenges and provide cost-effective solutions for field service professionals’ mobile computing needs.

“Durabook computers come survival tested to withstand the daily doses of drops, bumps, moisture, dust and other aspects of working in the field,” explained Tom Wang, GammaTech president. “They easily handle those bumpy rides over tortuous roads and paths that pass as roads. They work effortlessly in challenging harsh environments. They don’t sweat the heat or turn numb in the bitter cold. They are an indispensable necessity for any field services job that requires working in inhospitable environments.”

Wang specifically mentioned three Durabook models that are ideal for the field services industry: the R11 tablet, and the SA14 and S15AB notebooks. Each, he said, offers the functionality, durability, capability and mobility necessary for field service workers to do their jobs.

Mobility is a key ingredient in a rugged computer. After all, if the unit cannot be easily taken to the worksite and be able to function as a computer in an office setting does, it isn’t much good.

GammaTech, www.GammaTechUSA.com, 800-995-8946