SSAB Offers Wear Products

1a Hardox Conexpo image 2

SSAB offers a range of products designed to fight wear and weight in a variety of applications, including trailer chassis and dump bodies for the trucking industry, as well as applications for aggregates, earth moving, lifting, asphalt and concrete.

The new Hardox 500 Tuf delivers an exceptional combination of strength, hardness and toughness. Superior wear and dent resistance gives long service life and the ability to withstand heavy impact. Hardox wear stairs demonstrate how different Hardox grades deliver increasing wear resistance and service life, while at the same time reducing the weight of parts and products operating in wear-critical environments.

“Advancing from traditional steel to Strenx 110 XF performance steel can save weight and increase payload for trailer chassis,” said Gregoire Parenty, EVP SSAB Services.

Also offerd is Duroxite 400, a new extension to the Duroxite range of overlay products.


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