Fairbanks Offers Talon Truck Scales

Fairbanks Scales Inc., now offers the Talon line of heavy-duty truck scales, equipped with the innovative Intalogix lightning protection system.

Talon Series Vehicle Scales are built to federal bridge standards, with incredibly strong modules boasting the lowest deflection in the industry, the company said. Load cells are provided with armored stainless steel cabling for durability and hermetically sealed for moisture protection.

Talon scales are equipped with the proprietary Intalogix lightning protection system. Designed and developed exclusively by Fairbanks, this state-of-the-art technology has a true digital signal, up to one million times stronger than a conventional analog signal, which protects the scale from any harmful surges or electrical spikes.

Fairbanks Scales, www.fairbanks.com, 800-451-4107

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