LafargeHolcim Develops Mineral-Based Insulation Product

Airium, an innovative new product from LafargeHolcim, is a “disruptive technology in the insulation market,” according to the company. Developed and patented by LafargeHolcim’s global R&D center near Lyon, France, Airium is a mineral insulating foam that improves energy efficiency for buildings, from floor to ceiling.

Airium addresses the energy efficiency challenges facing society today as well as the needs of construction professionals and homeowners. It is:

  • Entirely mineral based, thereby healthier.
  • Offers maximum fire resistance.
  • It exhibits excellent durability, as it does not shrink over time (up to 100 years).
  • It is 100 percent recyclable with a low CO2 impact.
  • Easy to use.

Between 30 to 40 percent of global energy consumption is used for heating and cooling buildings and LafargeHolcim targets the thermal insulation market with this new solution. This can be reduced by the installation of insulation that is stable and durable. Airium will target the thermal insulation market, initially in Austria, France and Morocco.

The development of Airium is in line with the commitments of LafargeHolcim’s 2030 Plan to generate one-third of its revenue from a portfolio of products and services with enhanced sustainability performance. LafargeHolcim is committed to deliver energy savings and offer healthy and sustainable construction solutions for occupants.

Airium offers numerous possibilities for use as insulation and is being launched for the filling of concrete blocks in France and Austria and for roof terraces in Morocco. The insulation of concrete blocks with Airium makes it possible to build and insulate at the same time, thus saving construction time and can increase the available living area for occupants.

Airium will soon be available in other markets, notably in North America and other European and North African countries.

“With the launch of Airium, LafargeHolcim demonstrates once again its ability to rethink construction practices in order to continue delivering innovation,” said Gérard Kuperfarb, group head of growth & innovation at LafargeHolcim. “This product truly represents a new concept for insulation. Healthier, safer and simpler to work with, Airium is an energy-efficient insulation for buildings, in keeping with LafargeHolcim’s commitment to offering sustainable, high-performance construction solutions.”

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