Badger Mining Offers Proppant Transport Technology

Badger Mining Corp. (BMC) announced the release of its newest product offering for the oil and gas industry, a proven proppant transport technology known as TURBOprop.

TURBOprop utilizes a patented surface modification technology that creates an attraction to gaseous phases present in the fluid. The result is a fluidized proppant that flows further and allows for increased proppant concentrations without the need for increased fluid viscosity. Having been tested by more than 50 different operators and pumped into more than 500 wells in more than 8,000 stages, case study after case study has shown that TURBOprop can improve cumulative production by as much as 60 percent while reducing completed cost per BOE.
TURBOprop works in multiple ways. First, it eliminates duning, yielding longer propped fracture half lengths. Second, it creates more productive fractures by improving vertical distribution of proppant throughout the fracture. And third, it reduces the frequency of screen outs and coil tubing intervention. The water system needed to run TURBOprop also differs vastly than those needed for existing proppants.
“Unlike other self-suspended proppants, TURBOprop does not require a fresh water system,” said Adam Katz, sales and marketing leader at BMC. “Part of what makes TURBOprop great is how easy it is to incorporate into your existing treatment design. It truly is plug-and-play technology with proven benefits.”
With more than 35 years in the hydraulic fracturing industry, Badger Mining said it continues to innovate to meet its customers’ changing needs.

“We’re very excited to bring TURBOprop to all of our customers so they too can realize the benefits that more than 50 operators are realizing today,” said Katz.
TURBOprop is available at any of BMC’s 26 current transloading facilities throughout North America. More information about TURBOprop can be found at

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