Atlas Copco Offers Coring Bit Matrix

Azure bit Reaming Shells and Casing Shoe3

Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools offers Azure, its latest coring bit matrix. The product is the result of more than 12 months of development and it is helping drillers set company records. To quote a Canadian driller who had extensive use of the new bit, “That Azure cuts fast through granite and cuts through rhyolite like butter.” Azure is very versatile and can be used in a wide range of ground conditions.

In addition to Azure, the company offers a higher crown core drilling bit which has a significantly extended lifespan for use in deeper holes. The JET26 profile has been modified to provide an extremely robust 26-mm design, which prevents crown segments from snapping off in the hole.

An exclusive release in the company’s line of In-the-Hole (ITH) tools, the DiscovOre head assembly and overshot incorporates design features that eliminate many of the common problems found on ITH systems used in the industry today, according to the company. The new core retrieval tooling has been field- and lab-tested with positive results.

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