Continental Showcases New Truck Tires

continental tires

Continental offers three new on/off road tires, recently introduced at the MINExpo in Las Vegas. Among the lineup are the HCS and HTC1 all-position tires and the HDC1 HT drive tire. All three products are designed to aggressively handle the rigorous demands of heavy construction service.

“We are very excited to be present with these three particular products at the MINExpo this year,” said Alex Chmiel, Continental’s director of marketing for commercial vehicle tires – the Americas. “These three tires are the result of the tireless effort to deliver the high quality products our customers need and that we can be proud of. We’ve succeeded on both counts,” he added.

The HCS is a heavy construction service all-position tire designed for on/off road, mining and heavy mix axle applications. The unique structure and geometry of the HCS tread pattern gives this tire powerful traction even in the harshest terrain. Combined with a high operational durability profile and long lasting service, the HCS combines the ideal balance of heavy duty traction and on/off road performance.

The HTC1, which stands for Heavy Trailer Construction, is actually an all-position wide base tire designed for on/off road with mixed service applications that far exceed the trailer designation. With an aggressive tread pattern for excellent traction combined with a cut and tear resistant compound for long road life, the HTC1 tire delivers outstanding performance and rugged reliability against the toughest jobs.

The HDC1 HT is Continental’s Heavy Drive Construction High Traction tire designed for severe on/off road applications, providing highly superior traction in the toughest conditions. Built on the innovative Conti 3G casing for maximum retreadability, the rigid belt package with a full width top belt and extra sidewall protection gives the tire impressive durability. Coupled with a diamond-shaped tread lug design and shoulder notches for optimal chaining, the HDC1 HT is the drive tire of choice when high traction isn’t just a necessity; it’s a game changer, noted the company.




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