Superior Unveils New Mine Duty Primary Cleaner


Superior Industries Inc. is expanding its line of Exterra Belt Cleaners with a new mine duty model. Designed for better performance on larger pulley assemblies, the Mine Duty Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner debuted at MINExpo International 2016.

According to the manufacturer, the Mine Duty Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner solves pain points related to constant tensioning maintenance and difficult installation in tight areas.

Superior’s belt tensioner features patent pending Set For Life (SFL) technology that maintains constant, accurate tension during the life of the blade. Operators set the tension during installation and never have to adjust it again. Versus an oversized, difficult to install, one-piece pole, the Mine Duty Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner’s three-piece pole is lighter and easier to manage during installation, especially in tight, hard-to-get-to chute systems.

Additionally, the scraper blade is segmented into 6-in. chunks, allowing it to contour against the blade. This allows for a more even wear on wide belts typically used in heavier, mine duty applications.

The Mine Duty Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner is designed for pulleys larger than 20-in. diameter up to 84-in. diameter, servicing belts with widths 24-in. and up.

Superior Industries Inc.,



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