USGS: Construction Materials Production Spikes

News 09162016

The combined production of most construction materials (cement, construction sand and gravel, and crushed stone) in the second quarter of 2016 increased by 45 percent compared with that in the first quarter of 2016, whereas production of gypsum increased only slightly, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Production of these construction materials continued an overall four-year upward trend, and second quarter 2016 production was 5 percent higher than second quarter 2015 production.

U.S. mine and plant production data for 14 selected mineral commodities are provided monthly (or quarterly) by the U.S. Geological Survey to the Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (FRS), for use in preparing its index of industrial production and the related capacity indexes and capacity utilization rates.

These measures cover manufacturing, mining, and electric and gas utilities, and they are among the key economic indicators monitored by the FRS for guidance in determining national monetary policy.


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