MINExpo Show

Here Is A Selection Of Companies And Products You Will Find On The Show Floor At MINExpo 2016.

ABB/Baldor – Booth 8271

ABB will demonstrate a variety of ways to manage complexity, mitigate risk, improve safety and increase competitiveness with their solutions and expertise at MINExpo 2016.

Meet experts, discuss safe and reliable products and integrated operations, and view innovative solutions in booth C-8271 in the lower Central Hall, including:

  • Smart sensor for low voltage motors. This new condition monitoring technology transforms simple low voltage motors into intelligent machines that tell users when they need servicing through operating and condition parameters such as vibration and temperature.
  • Gearless Conveyor Drives. This new permanent magnet solution, designed specifically for medium powered conveyors, provides high starting torque, reduced mechanical stress and fewer restarts.
  • Mine Location Intelligence. A location based decision support system, Mine Location Intelligence provides real-time positioning of equipment and people, reducing time for evacuation and preventing people from accessing dangerous areas.
  • Extended Operator Workplace. Through control design capabilities, ABB is able to consolidate different processes in more collaborative, attractive and ergonomic environments. The flexibility and efficiency of the Extended Operator Workplace facilitates faster decision-making and produces measurable improvements in productivity, safety and job satisfaction. Systems available through the Workplace include MineScape, SmartVentilation and MineMarket.
  • Services for Mining. In order to protect and optimize assets, ABB has developed tailored service solutions specific to the mining industry. They have solutions around rapid response, lifecycle management, operational efficiency and performance improvement, all designed to minimize downtime, extend equipment life, and optimize process performance.
  • Motors, drives and mechanical power transmission products. ABB offers a variety of industrial products designed specifically for mining applications including: ABB IECEx/ATEX-certified low voltage flameproof IE2 motors for explosive atmospheres, ABB ACS880 industrial drives with NEMA 3R-rated units, Baldor-Reliance crusher duty motors with industry-leading torque performance, and Baldor-Dodge MagnaGear XTR reducers designed for tough, high torque applications.

By providing an integrated approach, ABB can help mining and mineral processing customers take their operation to the next level by optimizing power and productivity, resulting in safe, reliable and efficient operations.

Floor Showcase

Boart Longyear LF160Boart Longyear – Booth 2603

Boart Longyear will present a broad range of underground, surface, multipurpose, sonic and production drill rigs; performance tooling; and the first two products in the company’s new instrumentation line – TruCore and TruShot – at Booth 2603 in the North Hall.

“As a world leader in the drilling products and services industry, presenting at an international show like MINExpo is critical to growing our business,” said Kent Hoots, senior vice president, global products. “We are looking forward to having a number of our drill rigs on site this year to show the value of our products to existing and new customers.”

Boart Longyear’s product experts will be available to discuss the following products that will be on display at the company’s booth:
  • LM110 Underground Rig. The LM110 was designed as a modular drill rig with a number of options for site-specific customization. An optional rod handler can be added to the LM110, which greatly increases safety by locating the driller away from moving parts.
  • Drill Control Interface (DCi). The DCi provides drilling contractors a fully electronic interface to safely and efficiently operate underground drilling equipment, such as the LM series, via an independent, lightweight control panel. The LM75, LM90, LM110 and MDR700 rigs are compatible with the DCi system. The DCi increases safety on-site by moving the driller away from moving parts and hydraulic hoses.
  • LF160 Drill Rig and Freedom Loader. Created with customers’ needs in mind, the LF160 surface coring rig is one of the first completely hands-free rod handling solutions with an optional rod loader, according to the company. The LF160 drill rig paired with the Freedom Loader is ideal for contractors who want to target sophisticated surface drilling exploration contracts with clients that stipulate the highest safety standards.
  • LS250 MiniSonic. The recently launched LS250 MiniSonic is a compact sonic rig that provides an overall safer working environment for drillers. The rig is ideally suited for a wide range of environmental and infrastructure drilling applications, including difficult-to-reach drill sites.
  • StopeMaster. The StopeMaster is designed for superior access, mobility, flexibility and productivity to meet the unique challenges of narrow vein and other underground mining applications, using a hydraulic rock drill.
  • Diamond Bits. A full lineup of diamond bits that are designed for a wide range of drilling needs are available. The 10UMX Diamond Bit series is a combination of synthetic diamonds and an advanced formulation, which make it the ideal choice for the very hardest rock formations. Boart Longyear’s UMX Diamond Bits are a versatile line of diamond coring bits that uses patent-pending technology.
  • TruCore Core Orientation System. The first product in Boart Longyear’s instrumentation line, TruCore enables drillers to provide the accurate data and the results mining clients count on with ease. As a trusted supplier of drilling equipment and tooling for more than 125 years, Boart Longyear is proud to offer the first alternative solution in the marketplace for electronic core orientation.
  • TruShot. Designed for the drill site, the TruShot magnetic survey tool provides wireless communication in a robust, user-friendly configuration. TruShot will be launched in Australia later this year.
Cat 794Caterpillar – Booth 6229

Caterpillar will support MINExpo 2016 with an exhibit showcasing machines, technology, expertise and practical knowledge that miners can apply to help address their cost, productivity and efficiency challenges in today’s mining environment.

Though Cat machines – for both surface and underground mining – will fill the view, the talk will focus on how Cat technology and know-how combines to help mining operations address and solve the issues that are most important to them. The main stage will feature presentations describing how mining companies, Cat dealers and Caterpillar work together to improve operations.

The surface mining section of the Caterpillar exhibit will showcase two highly automated machines. A Cat 793F CMD autonomous truck will represent the fleets now operating in Australia. Cat Command for hauling is now a commercial success as fleets grow and the benefits of consistent operation and increased availability boost production.

The new MD6420C Rotary Drill is autonomy ready and optionally equipped to leverage the safety and productivity benefits of Cat MineStar Terrain. This high-precision drill management system optimizes utilization and improves drilling and blasting operations by accurately guiding the operator and improving precision of hole placement and drilling depth – and the next step is fully autonomous operation, Command for drilling. The third-generation drill incorporates proven Cat components throughout for superior reliability and durability.

Additionally, the 794 AC Large Mining Truck will make its first mining show appearance at MINExpo. Featuring the same electric drive power train as the proven Cat 795F AC, the 291-tonne (320-ton) capacity truck delivers class-leading speed on grade, superior four-corner braking and easier maintenance. The truck design focuses on class leading productivity and lower total cost of ownership.

The 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel represents the popular, versatility class of Cat shovels. The next-generation Cat shovel is a clean-sheet design that features a 22-tonne (24-ton) payload and 224-tonne (247-ton) operating weight and teams with the Cat 777G Off-Highway Truck for optimized loading and hauling.

Completing the surface mining display are the 994K Wheel Loader – Caterpillar’s largest wheel loader – as well as support equipment such as the recently introduced 18M3 Motor Grader. The next generation 3516E engine highlights Cat engine and aftermarket offerings. A D10T2 Dozer will be on display and features Command for dozing, the remote control and guidance system that is part of Cat MineStar System.

FlexcoFlexco – Booth 10000

Flexco will address splicing, cleaning, tracking, belt slippage and material transfer needs at booth 10000 in the Silver Lot.

Attendees can visit the Flexco booth for hands-on, interactive experiences with new Flexco products, as well as programs designed to improve belt conveyor productivity and efficiency.

Flexco will be displaying the breadth of its product offering, demonstrating how everything – from improved maintenance tools to new belt conveyor products – works in conjunction with each other for optimal system performance. 

Among the products on display will be the new Extreme Duty Precleaner, the largest, most rugged precleaner in the Flexco offering. The precleaner is ideal for use in copper, coal, iron oil, and oil sands applications and is designed for belts 42- to 120-in. wide, with pulley diameters 48 in. and up.

The Extreme Duty Precleaner is designed with a three-piece pole, making it easier to transport to the head pulley and install, and is available with 6- and 12-in. wide blade segments for varied material paths.

The recently-introduced PTEZ Belt Trainer will also be at the show, allowing customers to get a hands-on feel for the high-performance tracking idler. Designed with the Flexco “Pivot and Tilt” feature without the use of sensor rolls, the new PTEZ belt trainer may be used in any application that requires tracking to prevent damage to the belt or conveyor structure, including single-direction and reversing belts.

Flexco will also be exhibiting a variety of other products in the booth, including two new additions to its line of load zone solutions – Modular Impact Beds and Urethane Skirting.

The Flexco booth will be staffed by product experts eager to answer questions and demo products. Experienced Flexco team members will be available to discuss the entire system and help attendees identify challenges and ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Flexco is able to address almost any conveyor challenge – from slippage and spillage, to mistracking and wear and tear, to safety and environmental concerns. Even after a belt is up and running, Flexco stays involved to ensure that its products are delivering the top-notch performance needed for maximum productivity.

Haver & BoeckerHaver & Boecker – Booth 12050

Haver & Boecker will launch the F-Class Split-Bucket Mounting System at Booth 12050 during MINExpo. The Split-Bucket Mounting System offers simplified maintenance and bearings change outs for operators and, in turn, cuts service downtime in half. The rubber mount housing, or split-bucket system, provides operators easy access to critical components, such as rubber mounts and body brackets. All new F-Class Vibrating Screens feature the upgraded mounting system, which includes 16 rubber mounts and four body brackets.

The split-bucket rubber mount includes a two-piece body bracket, which allows operators to remove the side arm and bucket in one piece. Prior to these improvements, in order to remove the side arm, technicians were required to disconnect the rubber mounts along with removing 15 bolts. Now, the process is simplified. Technicians can remove the side arm and split-buckets off of the screen as a whole assembly – reducing the number of bolts removed to eight.

Beyond the new split-bucket mounting system, the F-Class includes Haver & Boecker’s exclusive four bearing Tyler design, which allows for multiple machine installations within the same building or structure. It’s also ideal for screening situations that require consistent, load-independent performance at constant g-force in all operational modes. With the right media choice, it virtually eliminates blinding and pegging. The F-Class is designed to handle the toughest applications; it can easily scalp and classify ores, minerals, stones, sand and gravel.

The F-Class includes a standard 18-month warranty from the date of shipment, 12 months from the installation date, or 6,000 operation hours – whichever comes first. This warranty can be increased with optional customer-specific warranty upgrade packages. Uptime, an optional 36-month warranty package, offers customers a full-service approach to equipment optimization – from parts inspection and equipment assessment to screen media evaluation.

Martin EngineeringMartin Engineering – Booth 4015, 12440

A broad range of advanced technologies for safer and more productive bulk handling will be on display at MINExpo, as Martin Engineering unveils new and improved component designs for conveyor belt cleaning, dust management, load containment, risk reduction and improved material flow. Visitors to its indoor booth, Booth 4015, will find interactive product displays and demonstrations, Foundations Safety Seminars on the upper deck and even a unique game for attendees to test their abilities for a chance to win a variety of valuable prizes.

A highlight of the company’s exhibition will be the industry’s first-ever reference book dedicated to reducing conveyor risk and injuries.

Among the featured products will be the Martin Roll Gen System, a patent-pending design to create a self-contained mini power station that allows operators to run a wide variety of electrical systems, including monitoring devices, safety mechanisms and pneumatic belt cleaner tensioners.

The company’s outdoor booth, Booth 12440, will be dedicated solely to Martin Engineering’s new Mr. Blade service, a new factory-direct replacement program for belt cleaners, delivering fresh polyurethane blades, specified and custom-fitted on-site and installed free of charge.

Visitors will also be able to view Martin Engineering’s safe-to-service primary belt cleaner and the patented Martin QB1 Cleaner HD, manufactured with the firm’s unique Constant Angle Radial Pressure technology to maintain the most efficient cleaning angle throughout its service life.

A selection of dust management and load zone technologies will also be on exhibit, including customizable suppression systems, high-speed impact cradles and Martin ApronSeal Double Skirting, which provides two wear surfaces on a single elastomer sealing strip installed along the bottom of the skirtboard in a belt conveyor loading zone. The Martin High-Speed Impact Cradle will be in the spotlight – a unique, patent-pending design that’s able to absorb greater impacts than conventional impact cradles, without sacrificing its sealing ability. Engineered to withstand the severe conditions, heavy loads and faster speeds of today’s mining conveyors, the new cradle features a modular, slide-out design that allows safe and easy service with a minimum of downtime.

McLanahan Corp.McLanahan Corp. – Booth 4257

The mining industry continues to face global challenges and regulations, which is why McLanahan Corp. is committed to helping producers do more than ever before. Whether it makes them more profitable, increases site efficiency, or makes an existing system more productive, McLanahan has a solution.

At MINExpo, the company will feature its latest wet and dry processing equipment, engineered to make producers more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Several new pieces of equipment will be introduced to the market during the show, including the MSP Cone Crusher, MAX Series Vibrating Screen, Vezin Slurry Sampler and more. Additionally, McLanahan will showcase their wear solutions, which are known to increase wear life five to six times that of other parts.

Even with all the exciting pieces in McLanahan’s booth, some equipment is just too big to put on the MINExpo show floor. That is why the company will be utilizing Oculus technology in its booth to put visitors next to life-size equipment. Show attendees can stop by and try on the virtual reality headsets to enter a world where they will be able to see equipment working up close and personal.

Visitors will be able to speak with McLanahan sales and process experts from around that world at Booth 4257. With offices in six countries, McLanahan is committed to providing customers with local service and support through their 24/7 Global Response Team. Stop by and talk to McLanahan about a custom-engineered solution to increase your uptime and profitability.

Sandvik DD422iE 1Sandvik – Booth 7309
At MINExpo 2016, Sandvik will showcase the latest in its portfolio of equipment and services, ranging from a single drill bit to mine automation, at Central Hall booth C-7309.

Sandvik offers a wide range of automation solutions that customers can apply in order to maximize the full potential of their mine site while significantly improving safety. “Depending on customer requirements, we can provide AutoMine for autonomous solutions and OptiMine for information management – or a combination of these two – all resulting in improved safety and productivity,” the company said. Because it’s automation by miners, for miners, each solution is tailored to realistic conditions and needs, both in surface operations and underground.

3D scanning is one of several new and innovative features available. It automatically scans overbreak and underbreak to save valuable time during the drilling cycle, helping customers develop more meters every month. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover more about the benefits of 3D scanning at the show.

Sandvik will also launch a number of drill rigs, including its latest addition to the DD422 series. Sandvik DD422iE uses electric battery power instead of a diesel engine, eliminating emissions during tramming. The patented electric driveline system on the company’s latest automated mining jumbo enables battery recharging during drilling. Sandvik DD422iE burns less fuel, also generating less heat and noise than conventional drivelines, according to the company. The result is safer, healthier and more productive development drilling. There are many other new and innovative solutions on Sandvik DD422iE designed to increase productivity and simplify maintenance, to help ensure maximum rig availability.

There is growing awareness of the potential health impacts of diesel particulate matter (DPM) and other underground engine emissions, which often dictate high mine ventilation costs. This extends beyond drilling to other underground equipment.

Explore the latest examples demonstrating surface and underground drilling – whether top hammer, ITH, DTH or rotary – at Sandvik’s MINExpo booth. “These include the launch of the latest addition to our modular 400 underground range of ITH long hole drill rigs with automation capability,” the company said. Learn more about the latest in the series of diesel powered, self-propelled, crawler-mounted surface blasthole drills. Coupled with the patented Sandvik Compressor Management System fuel consumption can be improved by up to 25 percent.

Having developed and supplied productive rock tools for more than 100 years, Sandvik continues to reinvent drill bit design. The newly-introduced top center drill bits, incorporating the most significant upgrade to face drilling bits in decades, is one of the Sandvik highlights at MINExpo. The new design features a so-called “raised front,” elevating two or three front buttons – depending on diameter size – a few millimeters above the gauge buttons located on the periphery of the bit. Additionally, the front buttons are set at a slight angle relative to the symmetric axis of the bit.

The raised front creates a slightly recessed hole bottom pattern that alters the rock-breaking action in order to achieve improved performance. This, together with a new cemented carbide grade GC80, which combines toughness with a softer center, further extends the service life and long grinding intervals. More launches will be revealed at the show.

Learn more about the advancements in the field of comminution and see the latest in the range of crushers in the quest for more eco-efficient comminution solutions – one of these being Sandvik CH865, a mid-range mining crusher for high-reduction tertiary and pebble applications. The intelligent systems on Sandvik CH865 enable real-time performance optimization, while smart, compact design solutions reduce dynamic loads and minimize engineering and installation work.

“We’re driving innovation throughout our entire portfolio, from new equipment to ever smarter customer services,” said Marie Brodin, vice president, marketing and communications, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. “We are focusing on the numbers that matter by conveying customer value and lower total cost of ownership of the total Sandvik package. At MINExpo we will showcase a compelling offering of products and services, all designed to benefit our customers’ bottom line in terms of increased safety and productivity. Sandvik is at the forefront when it comes to mining equipment, whether it be equipment automation or cemented carbide grades for drill bits. What ties it all together are our dedicated people and our offering of genuine parts and services. We call it Sandvik 365.”

Superior Core Systems DesignSuperior Industries – Booth 19100

Superior Industries Inc. plans to launch several new products at MINExpo 2016. At Booth 19100 in the Silver Lot, the manufacturer will display its new Patriot Cone Crusher, TeleStacker Conveyor, mine duty idlers, mine duty pulleys, conveyor drive package solutions from it’s Core Systems Design group, Chevron Pulley and a brand new mine duty Exterra Belt Cleaner.

Last winter, Superior debuted its Patriot Cone Crusher, marking a major milestone for the manufacturer’s new crushing and screening division. Unique features include a tramp relief system design using significantly fewer accumulators, which greatly minimizes maintenance. In addition, an internal relief valve provide instant, fail-safe relief should an accumulator malfunction. Secondly, each Patriot Cone Crusher is designed with inverted tramp relief cylinders, which reduce opportunities for harmful contaminants to damage the cylinders.

In heap leach applications, the TeleStacker Conveyor achieves speedy payback, which is measured in more tons per move, larger leach pad footprints and increased profitability. Engineered with an internal stinger conveyor that maintains constant motion along a cell, the TeleStacker Conveyor distributes material evenly to achieve flat top piles, while also piling more material per move. Its longer stinger conveyor allows for greater flexibility the popular FD Series Axle assembly allows a quick transition from radial to linear modes.

Superior will display more than a dozen individual conveyor idler styles for solutions covering every mining application. In addition to rollers from its existing line of CEMA-rated idlers, Superior will display a group of brand new idlers specifically designed for heavy mining applications. For the first time in North America, the manufacturer will showcase a unique double tube roll design. Engineered for applications operating around-the-clock, the double tube design offers increased stability, longer wear life and better bearing protection.

Also new for visitors at MINExpo, Superior plans to display a group of conveyor pulleys from its mine and super duty collections. Engineered using special software, these fail-safe pulleys are virtually tested for strength in an application before a single plate is cut at the factory. Specifications include pulley diameters up to 120 in. (3000 mm), belt widths of the same and shaft diameters up to 24 in. (600 mm).

Superior said its Core Systems Design program offers drive and tail pulley assemblies custom-engineered for a specific application. Core Systems Design creates cost efficiencies for customers by ensuring that drive components are ideally suited for the particular job specifications, while also making sure that power requirements are met. Each custom-engineered assembly is delivered as a pre-assembled package, which eliminates the costly labor involved in onsite assembly and greatly reduces installation time.

For the first time at MINExpo, Superior will debut a brand new option for mine duty belt scrapers. Designed specifically for mining applications, see the new, one-of-a-kind Exterra Belt Cleaner up close in Booth 19100.

IMG 39Terex Washing Systems87Terex Washing Systems – Booth 3379

Terex Washing Systems (TWS) will launch two new products at MINExpo. Design and manufacture is driven by a spirit of innovation and response to market demands, resulting in unique, market-leading products, which constitutes the latest two additions to the TWS portfolio, the AggreScalp and the FM UltraFines.

Market Area Director, Americas David Quail commented, “The new product launches is testament to our ongoing commitment to providing enhanced and unique washing solutions to meet customers’ needs and specific washing demands.”

TWS’s two new products will serve an increasingly diverse range of materials-handling sectors. First in the new product line-up is the modular scalping unit, the AggreScalp. This modular chassis-mounted scalping unit brings operators a well proven, cost effective and durable machine in a modular all-electric format. This is ideal for C&D recycling applications as well as quarry and mine overburdens and integrates seamlessly with other key TWS systems including AggreSand and AggreScrub.

The new ultra-fines recovery system, the FM UltraFines, will also debut at the show. Increased fines recovery is an increasing demand within numerous facets of the washing industry. By capturing as much fine/suspended solid material in advance of water management stations operators can significantly reduce required overall equipment investment, reduce final waste volumes and by the same measure increase potentially sellable output. The system is receiving significant interest from recycling and remediation operators including dredgers but is also very attractive to quarry and mining operations keen to reduce tailings and the associated costs.

“The new product lines being launched in North America will serve an increasingly diverse range of materials handling sectors,” said Quail. “The AggreScalp unit brings operators a well-proven, cost-effective and durable machine in a modular all-electric format. This is ideal for C&D recycling applications as well as quarry and mine overburdens and integrates seamlessly with other key TWS systems including AggreSand and AggreScrub. The UltraFines will tackle the increasing demand for fines recovery within numerous facets of the washing industry.”

Titan TireTitan TireBooth 4913

Titan International Inc. (Titan Tires) added an 875/65R29 size to its proven STL2+ line. This new addition is specially suited to Cat 982M wheel loaders, and adds to the existing list of sizes, which include a 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25. The dual-purpose E-3/L-3 tread can be selected with either cut-resistant or wear-resistant compounding for excellent performance in any operating conditions.

“What really sets this tire apart is its tied-in lug pattern,” said Johni Francis, OTR global product manager, Titan International. “The lugs are designed to work together as one unit, which provides excellent stability and even wear. Couple that with a radial construction and several compound options – and this tire is an excellent-performing, long-lasting choice for any earthmoving, aggregate or mining application.”

The tied-in, bar lug design is open and non-directional for excellent self-cleaning, and the 130-percent-level tread depth provides excellent traction and long life in rocky conditions. In addition to the currently available sizes, Titan is also testing a Low Sidewall (LSW) version of the STL2+ for the Cat 982M, which is expected to be unveiled at MINExpo 2016.

The LSW version of the STL2+ is among many announcements and product launches being unveiled at MINExpo. Attendees should stop by Booth 4913 to learn more.

Titan Tires are manufactured by Titan Tire Corp., a subsidiary of Titan International.

Wristband Technology to Deliver Unique Experience at TelsmithBooth 1548

Telsmith is creating a unique guest experience at MINExpo 2016 by utilizing wristband technology normally used by fans attending professional sports and auto racing events.

MINExpo guests who enter Telsmith Booth 1548 will be provided with a keepsake silicone wristband that will allow them to interact within the display and participate in unique activities, such as a digital photo opportunity by the enormous T900 cone crusher.

Specially designed interactive tables will provide guests with a glimpse inside the T900 and a simple tap of the wristband will automatically send additional product information, eliminating the inconvenience of carrying brochures during their visit to MINExpo.

Guests can visit www.miningallin.com to preview the Telsmith display and register for exclusive experiences during MINExpo 2016.

Weir MineralsBooth 5002TP900 new hires

Weir Minerals will exhibit its world-class mining solutions at MINExpo 2016. The company will use the opportunity of the show to showcase its Trio Top Performance cone crusher range to the mining and construction aggregates market. At the show the company will showcase the Trio TP900 cone crusher and will offer a pre-release preview of its much-anticipated remote monitoring technology at Booth 5002 in the Central Hall.

Combining aggressive crushing action, high crushing force and high power, Weir’s new generation of top-performing cone crushers takes the user to the next level of cone crushing. “Throughout Weir Minerals, we strive to provide customers with the best possible equipment to meet their crushing needs, which is why we developed the Trio TP cone crusher range,” said Kurt O’Bryan, global product manager for crushing and screening at Weir Minerals. “The new TP cone crushers operate at a higher speed than their predecessors, which provides higher reduction with better shaped material.”

The TP900 cone crusher is part of the Trio TP series of crushers launched globally earlier this year. The TP900 cone crusher operates at a higher pivot point and thrower than its predecessor, providing higher reduction with better shaped material.

“The Trio TP900 cone crusher is a clear demonstration of our advancement in cone crusher design,” said O’Bryan. “The Trio TP series cone crushers are all high capacity machines with advanced performance features in hydraulics, automation and head motion. The goal of these new machines is to apply a robust and reliable design to a versatile range of applications.”

In addition to this new product launch, Weir Minerals will introduce new technology featured in the imminent Trio TP1400 cone crusher. This advanced technology will be presented to visitors through a futuristic hologram, providing visitors with a virtual, 360-degree preview of this innovative technology. “This exciting technology provides a glimpse into the future of large, high capacity cone crushers,” said O’Bryan.

Visitors at Weir Minerals booth will also see a pre-release preview of its latest technology in remote-monitoring systems. This new technology will enable users to obtain operational data in real time, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency of their mill circuit. Find out more during the show.

Weir Minerals engineering experts will showcase the capabilities of Warman slurry pumps, the market leader in slurry pumping technology. The booth will feature a variety of Warman slurry pumps including, mill circuit pumps, submersible pumps, and the latest pumping technology.

“The strength of our Warman slurry pump range lies in the superiority of our advanced hydraulic designs and our high performing wear and corrosion resistant materials,” said John Otten, global product manager for pumps at Weir Minerals. The booth will host the Warman MC650 mill circuit duty slurry pump, incorporating the latest in hard alloy and elastomer technology, proven to extend wear life in highly abrasive and corrosive slurries.

Weir Minerals will also feature other key products widely used in the mining industry. These include Enduron high-pressure grinding rolls, GEHO pumps, Delta Industrial knife gate valves, Cavex hydrocyclones, Linatex premium rubber and many more.

Ricardo Garib, divisional managing director of Weir Minerals, said, “Over the last four years, we have invested heavily in product development and expansion, providing customers with a more complete solution across the mill circuit. We are very excited about showcasing our latest products at MINExpo and sharing our technological advancements with visitors. We look forward to welcoming you all at Booth 5002.”

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