Sell Your Old Pallets, Buy Recycled Ones

Every year, 1.9 billion wooden pallets are in circulation in the United States, transporting a variety of goods. Pallets are 100 percent reusable, recyclable and come from a renewable resource.

Less than 3 percent of the nearly 700 million pallets manufactured and repaired each year end up in landfills, according to a study by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the USDA Forestry Service. The actual end-of-life disposition for other pallets (plastic, metal, etc.) is generally unproven and untested at any significant volume levels.

Though manufacturers of these platforms may boast the theoretical ability to regrind or otherwise reform the materials into new products (similar to what has been done with other commodities using these materials) time will tell whether the recollection, transportation and processing can be performed in an economically and environmentally sound manner.

Atlantic Pallet Exchange (APE) is a full-service wood products company that specializes in manufacturing new and recycled wood pallets and skids in either pine or hardwood species. The company also designs and manufactures custom wood containers and dunnage for domestic and international shipping (cargo).

During its 25 years of service, APE has built a large base of customers in a wide variety of industries: construction, agriculture, processed foods, military, consumer goods, meat packing and publishing.

APE will manufacture, buy or sell new or used wood or plastic pallets and skids in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi and Tennessee.

The company offers new pallets, but more importantly to the environment offers:

  • Recycled (reconditioned, used) pallets. APE stocks a wide variety of reconditioned wood and plastic pallets. The most common size is the GMA 48- x 40-in. pallet with four-way entry, sometimes called a grocery pallet. This pallet is available in six different grades.
  • Remanufactured and combination pallets. Customers can save money over the cost of a new pallet by using a remanufactured pallet. These pallets can also be called reman, combo, or even “green” pallets because they are assembled using reclaimed wood from end-of-life pallets. Standard 48- x 40-in. pallets and any custom pallet can be made in this way.
  • Heat-treated wood and plastic export pallets. For global exporting, APE offers both wood and plastic solutions. The company can heat treat any new or recycled wood pallets to meet all ISPM-15 requirements. New and used plastic pallets are also available as an alternative to wood.
  • Scrap pallet pick-up/removal. APE will pick-up scrap and excess pallets from your premises. Some types of pallets may also have a cash value. For large volumes, drop trailers can be arranged.

APE pays market rates for pallets depending on size, quantity and condition. While the company does not pay for all sizes of pallets, they will take most sizes to save the customer costs of disposal. 

Pallet recycling saves money and is good for the environment. Stone producers, construction companies and construction equipment manufacturers would do well to consider this option.

Atlantic Pallet Exchange,