Dust Control Technology Offers Trailer-Mounted Dust Control System

DB 100 Fusion 6822

Dust Control Technology introduced its new – and largest – trailer-mounted dust control system, a powerful atomized mist design featuring a range of 100 meters and the ability to deliver 140,000 sq. ft. (15,500 sq. meters) of coverage area. The DustBoss DB-100 Fusion is powered by its own 480-V/150-kw generator with a 6.8-liter John Deere Tier III flex diesel engine, all securely mounted on one of several roadworthy dual-axle trailer options with stabilizing jacks.

Designed for large open-air applications such as mines, coal handling plants and aggregate operations, the unit delivers effective particle control in a highly mobile platform that can be positioned directly at the source of dust-generating activities, such as screening towers, conveyor transfer points and stockpiles. The new design can even be specified with a high-lift pump for drawing water from a stationary source, such as a private pond.

“We had many discussions with customers who were interested in expanding their dust management coverage, after seeing our smaller DB-60 Fusion,” commented Dust Control Technology President Laura Stiverson. “We engineered the new design to meet those needs, yet still remain highly mobile, able to be towed easily just about anywhere on a job site.”

Thought to be the most powerful mobile system available to control dust in large open areas, the versatile DB-100 Fusion features a 150-gal. fuel tank, providing about 32 hours of run time without refueling. Doors are equipped with hinges and door stops for easy access, and the generator’s engine compartment is fitted with sound attenuation.

Day-to-day operation can typically be managed by the remotely located on/off switch outside of the enclosure.  For convenience, a 120-volt receptacle for auxiliary tools and a plug-in for the battery charger and block heater are also located outside.

To achieve its 100-meter throw distance, the DB-100 employs a 60-hp electric fan motor coupled with 10-90 psi of inlet water pressure that’s run through a booster pump to achieve pressures as high as 250 psi total. Unlike industrial sprinkler systems used for dust management, which can require as much as 500 gpm (1893 lpm) of water, the DB-100 Fusion uses only about 38 gpm (143.8 lpm) to help avoid pooling or runoff.

The unit shatters the inlet stream into millions of tiny droplets in the range of 50 to 200 microns – an ideal size for suppressing fugitive dust particles in most cases. The device can also be customized with alternative nozzle options for specialized applications.

The standard DB-100 Fusion is fed by a manifold of 30 nozzles that are specifically sized and positioned for the new design. The DB-100 Fusion features simple, user-defined oscillation, along with adjustable elevation from 7 to 45 degrees. It can also be outfitted with a dosing pump to accurately meter in surfactants or tackifiers to further enhance binding of dust particles.

The unit can be set up to run potable water and can also be outfitted with a selection of filters to handle non-potable water sources. For applications in which the water source contains high amounts of sediment, additional external filters are available.

Users can easily set a custom oscillation range via the touch screen controls. The standard unit travels at a rate of one degree per second to provide ideal coverage, and the oscillator features a quick-release handle that allows the barrel to be repositioned in seconds, without using any tools.

The touch screen on the control panel is also used to turn the fan and booster pump on and off, as well as to adjust the vertical pitch of the barrel using simple up/down arrows. When the generator is turned off, a battery backup feature automatically returns the machine to the horizontal position, which is safe for towing, before it shuts down completely. 

By providing mobile power, the design requires only a water source for operation. “Our goal was to design a freestanding unit, which catered to customer needs without compromising performance, delivering easy transport and adaptability to a wide range of locations and conditions,” Stiverson said.

Maintenance requirements for the new design are minimal. Although the new design is typically supplied to run on standard 480-volt power, customers can specify the unit in a wide range of voltages to suit locations virtually anywhere in the world.

Dust Control Technology, www.dustboss.com, 309-693-8600

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