Fairbanks Scales Announces Technology Innovations


Fairbanks Scales Inc.announced updates to its FB2550 Advanced Scale Instrument software that allows greater flexibility in weighing options for FB2550 users.

The software updates, Axlematic Applications for the FB2550, allow for axle-by-axle weighing of vehicles on both full-length platform and short platform truck scales. On full-length scales, weights for each axle are recorded, as well as a legal for trade total weight.

There are three operating modes:

  • Basic axle weighing mode, in which vehicles enter the scale axle-by-axle and then drive off after weighing.
  • Axle in/axle out mode, in which vehicles both enter and exit the scale axle-by-axle.
  • Inbound/axle out mode, in which vehicles drive onto the scale and then exit axle-by-axle.

Each mode includes the option of manual operation, whereby an operator manually captures the weight of each axle, and automatic operation, whereby the axle weight is captured automatically.

On short platform scales, axle-by-axle and total vehicle weights are also calculated, though neither weight is legal for trade. Short platform applications require only one axle or axle group to be on the scale at any given time. There are two operating modes: basic axle weighing mode and axle in/axle out mode. Both modes allow for manual and automatic axle weight capture.

The FB2550 Driver Assist Terminal features a full-color touch screen, large text and numeric keys, as well as simple-to-understand prompts to facilitate and speed operation, allowing for an increase in scale throughput and overall efficiency.

Fairbanks Scales, www.fairbanks.com, 800-451-4107

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