Customer Feedback Key to Design of Superior’s First Aggregate Screen

Guardian Screen

Superior Industries Inc. completed research and devlopment of its first-ever aggregate screen. Known as the Guardian Horizontal Screen, the triple-shaft, adjustable oval stroke design was engineered using valuable customer feedback.

According to Superior, several key features help distinguish the horizontal screen as a unique new processing solution for the aggregates industry:

  • Patent pending bottle jack lifting points simplify and speed spring replacement and improve safety.
  • A segmented belt guard and sectioned tailgate greatly lighten the loads of these two features, requiring only one person to remove and return the guards and gates during maintenance.
  • Exclusive to Superior, and new to the industry, are bolt-locking, hinged access doors. The convenient feature allows access for screen media maintenance and hinges prevent operators from misplacing the spillage-preventing doors.
  • A 100-percent, fully-enclosed belt guard ensures maximum safety while an integrated, onboard tensioner accelerates maintenance to the motor belt.

The company also launched a new set of standard designs for its portable processing plants including a Guardian Screen Plant, Twin Screw Wash Plant and Aggredry Wash Plant. The standard features, including new elements exclusive to Superior, are designed to speed setup, improve processing efficiencies and reduce aggravating maintenance caused by inefficient designs. 

Guardian Horizontal Screen. Brand new from Superior, the company’s American-made triple shaft, horizontal screen includes unique features like bottle-jack lifting points for spring replacement, fully-enclosed belt guards with integrated tensioning systems and hinged access doors on side plates.

Aggre-Dry Washer. Designed to integrate a fine material washer and dewatering screen into a single component, sand processed through an Aggre-Dry Washer has a moisture content of 8 percent. The product requires no drying time and is instantly saleable.

Level Assist. New and patent pending, Superior’s Level Assist technology automatically levels a plant once the machinery is raised to a desired height. Historically, owners and operators tediously adjusted cribbing and jacks to level a plant. 

Centering Hopper. Designed to fold into position during operation, this unique feature allows material to spread uniformly across the full screen deck, which maximizing screening potential through proper feed.

Tilting Motor Base. Another innovation to save time during set up or dismantling, a tilting motor base rotates to a travel position allowing owners and operators to transport the plant without having to remove the motor.

Superior Industries,, 800-321-1558

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