National Bulk Equipment Automated Material Conveying System


Designed specifically for fully automated handling and processing of highly abrasive, non free-flowing flake material, this self-contained bulk-material conveying system by National Bulk Equipment (NBE) ensures reliable, repeatable material supply to integrated feeders that meter material for introduction to an inline briquetter. Processed briquettes are conveyed downstream for reclamation.

Material-supply hoppers with live-bottom, variable-frequency-drive discharge-metering conveyors, transfer material to inclined, cleated, belt conveyors. Downstream sensors monitor material supply requirements and automatically call to discharge-metering conveyors for material as process rates dictate.

Integrated material feeders receive and prepare material for metered discharge to the briquetter. NBE-integrated automation centralizes all drive controlling, material feed sensing, material routing, and control layer monitoring and reporting to a single, UL listed HMI, designed and built by NBE.

Rigorous NBE risk-assessment procedures work to prevent hazards to those who operate and maintain the equipment, while identifying improvements in physical ergonomics and equipment access points.

National Bulk, 616-738-7271

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