Sandvik Commando Includes Upgraded Features

Sandvik Commando DC130Ri

The new Commando DC130Ri – a rubber-tired compact-size top-hammer drill rig – is the latest addition to Sandvik Construction’s surface drilling product offering. The machine features nearly 100 practical changes and upgrades developed through consultations with customers, while the foundation of the unit is based on the series of drill rigs launched in 1988. It is in fact the years of experience that guarantee a versatile, highly productive drill rig combined with intelligence and top-rated mobility, the company said.

Modular design and practical layout of components, a new efficient rock drill and a new intelligent control system with a large on-board touchscreen, are the core features of the new Commando DC130Ri drill rig. The fully remote-controlled, hydraulic and self-propelled drilling unit, with four-wheel carrier, is designed for drilling 22- to 45-mm holes.

A completely new RD106 rock drill providing a high 5.5-kW output power, and a new intelligent drilling-control system, form the basis for the Commando DC130Ri’s high penetration rates. Performance is further enhanced with the machine’s large drilling coverage area, and a new forward pointing feed that allows it to drill closer to structures than previously allowed.

The machine also possesses the functionality to have roll-over for the feed, change drill steels on the rock drill, and to adjust the drill rig to challenging environmental conditions with additional appliances such as the fuel powered engine heater. All this ensures that the Commando DC130Ri is a truly versatile drill rig that is easily adaptable to changing job sites, and different drilling applications. These include road construction, demolition works, secondary breaking, foundation drilling, trenching, shaft sinking as well as dimensional stone quarrying.

The intelligent control system of the Commando DC130Ri provides modern machine control features that until now have been found only on larger drill rigs. Intelligent engine control provides operating cost savings through lower fuel consumption by optimizing the engine power based on actual requirements. The advanced drilling control guarantees smooth drilling, and is gentle to drill steels. Performance is further enhanced by being able to increase percussion pressure while drilling without sacrificing rock tool life.

The 7-in. on-board touch screen enables effective monitoring allowing changes to machine functions. It provides different views for adjustment, aligning and drilling, as well as diagnostics for trouble shooting purposes; a practical feature that helps the operator to accomplish the work required even more easily and smoothly.[email protected]

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