New Industrial Sand Plant Approved

More jobs are coming to Richmond County, N.C., after a Wisconsin-based company chose to expand its operations. Construction has already begun on a new facility for North Carolina Industrial Sand LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Red Flint Group, according to the Richmond County Daily Journal.

The parent company, headquartered in Eau Claire, Wis., was founded in 1917 and produces sand and gravel products utilized mainly for water filtration, according to its website. Industrial sand is used for the removal of heavy rust, epoxy paints, concrete, mill scale rust and paint from steel surfaces.

“We welcome North Carolina Industrial Sand to Richmond County and look forward to the construction of their new facility on Airport Road,” Kenneth Robinette, chairman of the board of commissioners, said in a statement. “We thank Red Flint and CSX for creating a partnership that helped bring this new business to our county.”