Atlas Copco Secoroc Powerbit Offers Longer Bit Life

Atlas Copco Powerbit

Powerbit, the all-new range of top hammer bits for surface drilling, gets more feet before the first regrind. The Atlas Copco Powerbit series is designed to last longer with increased performance in any rock – hard to soft, abrasive to non-abrasive.

All aspects of drill-bit technology combine to ensure the longest possible service life for Powerbit. The range features an entirely new bit shape with a harder, stronger steel bit body. Previously incorporated semi-ballistic buttons have been replaced with Atlas Copco Secoroc’s unique, trapezoid-shaped buttons – Trubbnos.

Patented Enduro Extra surface treatment gives the bit superior strength to endure all rock types. Results of 20 test series conducted at 13 sites globally, drilling more than 164,000 ft., in a variety of rock conditions demonstrated increases in service of 20 percent or more than the market’s leading competitor bits with penetration rate increases of up to 10 percent.

Atlas Copco Product Manager of Top Hammer Rock Drilling Tools Ross Gjerde said, “Our power bit testing domestically and abroad has consistently demonstrated substantial improvements in bit life when compared to our old assortment, and competitive product.”

The addition of Powerbit series to Atlas Copco Secoroc offerings makes bit choice easier, reducing the required range of bit types for top hammer drillers by approximately 30 percent.

Atlas Copco Secoroc supports the Powerbit series with a complete family of tooling, from top-hammer shank adapters to drill rods. The proven combination of material choice, heat treatment, and the unique T-WiZ threads give top hammer drillers increased up-time and productivity that keep drillers competitive in all site conditions.

Atlas Copco,

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