Siemens Offers VSS Motors

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Siemens offers its new, high-thrust Simotics Vertical Solid Shaft (VSS) NEMA Premium motors. The high-thrust HP100 and extra-high-thrust LP100 exceed standards for efficiency, reliability, durability and flexibility.

Both motors feature thrust capacity higher than industry standard, and the one-year thrust capacity of the new LP100 exceeds that of most motors in the industry. The angular contact thrust bearings are located in the non-drive end of the motor where they receive maximum cooling from the motor fan. Users can more easily re-grease or even change these bearings because of this design. This makes for reduced cost and downtime due to motor maintenance.

While some manufacturers claim to meet the “intent” of API 610, Siemens VSS motors completely fulfill the requirements, including low vibration, dimensions and tolerances, thrust bearing type and location, and combined thrust capacity and bearing life at 25,000 continuous operation hours, according to the company. To reduce cost, construction to API 610 standards is available as an option. The motors also optionally meet the applicable requirements of IEEE 841. A non-reverse ratchet option is also available.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently made changes to the efficiency requirements for many definite purpose motors, including vertical pump motors, effective June 1. The HP100 and LP100 motors have guaranteed efficiency ratings that exceed both NEMA Premium and new DOE requirements.

In fact, Simotics VSS motors have a guaranteed minimum efficiency greater than 5 percent above the DOE minimum. This translates into higher energy savings and reduced total cost of ownership. Since all Simotics VSS motors are VFD rated for 20:1 turndown in variable torque applications, users may see even greater savings by incorporating VFDs into their pump applications.

The all-cast iron construction, oversized terminal box, bolted lifting eyes, corrosion resistant hardware and epoxy finish all combine to bring long life and ease of use to the new motor series. This makes them ideal for demanding applications such as in-line pumps; booster, centrifugal and non-clog pumps; vertical turbine; mix flow; and propeller pumps.

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