Thern Cranes Are Durable, Maneuverable, Customizable

49 Thern

A new “Need a Lift” color brochure highlights Thern’s complete line of portable and stationary davit cranes. With crane capacities of 500 to 3,000 lb., davit cranes can be found around the world in almost every industry and thousands of applications.

Thern Cranes are durable, maneuverable and customizable. Regardless of your spatial, strength or portability needs, there is a Thern crane for you. Thern Cranes are available in a variety of custom configurations.

The advantage of using davit cranes is very clear and very economical as davit cranes can perform the same tasks as many other more-expensive methods. It is also safer to use a product that is designed specifically for the application, according to the company.

Stationary davit cranes are designed to secure to a sturdy foundation, remain assembled, and can be adjusted to height and length requirements. Portable davit cranes break down to manageable parts, allowing them to be disassembled and reassembled where they’re needed quickly and easily. The cranes come with a variety of winches and accessories for your specific job.

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