RailBoss Rail Scale Enhanced to Improve Yard Efficiency and Savings

48 Railboss

Rice Lake Weighing Systems recently re-released the RailBoss rail scale with added enhancements. An innovative sensing zone, MS quick-disconnect cable connectors and a streamlined installation bring added value to the already rugged and robust rail-car weighing system.

Running balanced rail cars at or near capacity assures the greatest efficiency and profit. RailBoss eliminates the guesswork of volumetric measuring and variable tare weights. The new longer sensing zone eases rail car weighing, and trains not being weighed can move across the scale at normal line speed without affecting the scale.

RailBoss’ MS quick-disconnect cable connectors reduce unexpected maintenance and repairs. Automatically releasing before damaging tension is reached, the cable connectors save valuable repair time and replacement costs. RailBoss cable connectors are also compatible with comparable models, easing electronics setup if replacing an existing rail scale.

Less than one-third the cost of other rail scales, noted the company, RailBoss installs on existing ties and ballast, and rail joint bars connect RailBoss sections to existing rail. Typically, a RailBoss installation takes less than eight hours.

Rice Lake, www.ricelake.com/railboss

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