Caterpillar Updates Medium Wheel Loader Product Line

43 Cat

Caterpillar announced the 2016 product update to its Cat M Series medium wheel loader product line (950M, 962M, 966M, 972M, 966M XE, 972M XE, 980M and 982M). Dedicated to responding quickly to customers’ needs, these product updates enable Caterpillar to bring new features and product improvements to market more rapidly and with greater frequency than the traditional machine development cycle, the company said. The 2016 product updates include all new Cat Connect Technologies, additional safety features and reduced operating costs.

Reduced Operating Costs

The XE models, 966M XE and 972M XE, feature a new Economy Mode that provides up to 4 percent improved fuel economy during general machine operation and up to 8 percent improved fuel economy in aggressive truck-loading applications with essentially no loss in production capability. This reduction in fuel consumption is in addition to the XE models’ basic reduction in fuel consumption, up to 25 percent, compared with comparable torque-converter-equipped models. The Economy Mode, enabled and disabled via the LCD touch display, automatically lowers engine speed to 1,400 rpm when full power is not required and is transparent to the operator.

The Variable Ground-Speed Limiter, previously available for only XE models, is now available for all conventional M Series medium wheel loaders. This feature allows site managers to set machine speed limits from 9 to 25 mph (15 to 40 kph) with independent adjustments for forward and reverse. The settings are protected with the machine service-mode password.

An updated touch-screen display now allows operators to select information displayed on the “quad screen,” which can simultaneously display, for example, axle oil temperatures, instant fuel rate, electrical system voltage, and temperatures for fluid in the torque converter and hydraulic system.

A newly designed engine hood allows easier routine service and features a new actuator that speeds opening to 35 seconds. The impact-resistant hood exhibits greater durability as well as improved cooling airflow and enhanced rearward visibility. Optional impact- and corrosion-resistant, hood-mounted rear roading fenders are available.


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