Michelin Tweel Technologies Makes It Easier to Search for Dealers

DN MichelinTweel

Michelin Tweel Technologies has updated its dealer locator tab on its website, enabling customers to locate dealers who sell the award-winning Michelin X Tweel SSL airless radial tire in their area. The new tab is specifically designed for ease-of-use, offering one-click access to all key dealer information to access available inventory for the Michelin 12N16.5 X Tweel SSL All Terrain and Hard Surface.

The tab includes all dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Users can search dealers by location (address, city, state) or by ZIP code. The X Tweel SSL is Michelin’s highly advanced airless radial tire designed for skid-steer loaders. The tire requires no air, thereby eliminating the risk of a “flat tire.” The X Tweel SSL also provides industrial, construction, agricultural and landscape users the advantages of no air pressure maintenance, easy mounting, damage resistance, increased operator comfort, reduced operator fatigue and improved productivity.

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