Earth Life Sciences Inc. Updates Silica Sand Project

Earth Life Sciences announced that there has been a continued increase in the industrial and domestic demand for the silica sand aggregate along with increased recognition of the high value of the company’s White Channel Silica aggregates at its White Channel (Silica-Gold) Project.

Earth Life Sciences plans to separate the existing block of land of 2,200 acres into four separate zones reflecting the characteristics of the aggregate quality in each geological zone.

From 2016 through 2020, the company plans to focus on expediting the commercialization of the project in order to meet current market demands, particularly in the lucrative custom landscaping and large retail-residential markets.

In the short-term, the company intends to complete additional Geo Chem and down-hole soil chemistry tests on its Gold Buck copper, moly and gold prospect strategically located in the prolific Horsefly mining camp area.

The company is looking forward to large-scale production on its White Channel (Silica-Gold) Project commencing in late summer 2016. This material can be used for a host of product lines including landscaping rock, cement additives, silicon feed, mica, artisanal clays and concrete aggregates. The silica can also be used for fracture sand in the oil and gas business and in the steel industry as a foundry mold sand and flux for steel manufacture.