McCloskey Offers Latest Version Impact Crusher at AGG1

71 McCloskey 150

71 McCloskey 400AGG1 visitors will get a first look at McCloskey International’s latest version impact crusher, the I44R, at Booth 1248. The I44R combines crushing, screening and recirculating to provide seamless production.

The impact crusher features a TEDD panel that is more concise, and easier to understand. For quarries with multiple equipment operators, training is reduced as the panel is easy to read, and displays more functions in an intuitive manner.

Easy to move from site to site, the I44R has transport dimensions of 11-ft., 2-in. high and 50-ft., 4-in. long, and weighs 107,000 lb. including optional magnet and hopper extensions. With the advantage of the design efficiency of McCloskey’s integrated hydraulic folding hopper and conveyors, it can be on-site and operational in a matter of minutes.

The I44 and I54 crushers have also been enhanced with a number of production boosting features. New features include changes to the 42-in. diameter x 43-in. wide Impactor side wall angles to allow better material flow, a re-designed under pan that delivers more throw and enhanced material movement.

McCloskey International,

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