Riddle Of Cement’s Structure Finally Solved

After stone, concrete is the world’s most widely used construction material. Yet answers to some fundamental questions about the microscopic structure and behavior of this ubiquitous material have remained elusive. As you know, concrete forms through the solidification of a mixture of water, gravel, sand and cement powder. Is the resulting glue material (known as cement hydrate, CSH) a continuous…

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Five Minutes With Joe Main

ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF LABOR FOR MINE SAFETY AND HEALTH JOSEPH A. MAIN TALKS IMPACT INSPECTIONS, LOW FATALITIES AND BOOTS ON THE GROUND. By Mark Kuhar Talk about MSHA’s monthly impact inspections. How are you targeting some of the operations you visit? We have criteria we use for selecting mines and this is something I put in place right after our…

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Vulcan Proceeding With Planning for California Quarry According to the Sierra Star, a Madera County, Calif., quarry proposed by Vulcan Materials Co. will, if approved, encompass 671 acres with 258 of it designated for a 400-ft.-deep quarry permitted for 100 years. It would be located near the southwest corner of Highways 41 and 145, about a mile west of Highway…

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