McLanahan Promotes Krause, Jenson

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According to McLanahan Corp., as the company has grown, it has continued to evaluate how to best serve its customers around the world. As a result, McLanahan has created a product management and development team, leading to promotions and changes in corporation structure.

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Cory Jenson
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Mark Krause

Cory Jenson, who previously held the position of general manager – Environmental, has been promoted to vice president – Global Product Management and Development. In his new role, Jenson oversees a team of product managers, engineers, marketing and technical services personnel from around the world. This group is focused on evaluating customers’ equipment needs and improving product lines to meet these needs and market standard.

Additionally, these changes have led to the promotion of Mark Krause, formerly general manager – Aggregate Processing, to managing director – North America. Internally, the company has combined its former U.S. based operating divisions to create cohesive sales, engineering and customer service teams. The combination of the North American teams, similar to McLanahan’s other global office, will allow the company to better service customers, regardless of industry or product line.

“These internal changes are really about how we serve our global customers,” said Sean McLanahan, CEO. “By refocusing our teams on specific areas, we’ll be better able to improve the service and products that we provide to our different markets.”

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