Rockwell Releases PlantPAx Software

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43 Rockwell 400Rockwell Automation’s PlantPAx model predictive control (MPC) software embeds fully functional MPC technology into Logix controllers to help maximize equipment performance. When used in process applications, it can improve overall control in a single machine or an entire line to help maximize throughput, increase yield, reduce quality variability and improve energy usage.

PlantPAx MPC is included in the latest release of the PlantPAx modern distributed control system.

“By embedding MPC into the control system, PlantPAx MPC simplifies integration and improves ease of use,” said Mike Tay, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “It also delivers several performance advantages over single-loop PID controllers. These include better multivariable coordination, predictable handling of outside disturbances, improved management of long or complex processes and predictive response to process constraints, all resulting in maximizing equipment performance while safely operating within process limits.”

Multivariable Coordination: A single control-system-based MPC module supports up to five separate MPC applications, and each of those can support up to 10 controllable variables and 10 manipulated variables.

Predictably Handle Outside Disturbances: The software provides the ability to measure disturbance variables that can’t be controlled, such as ambient humidity. Once detected, the system can respond to these disturbances as needed to keep the process optimized.

Manage Long and Complex Processes: PlantPAx MPC uses explicit modeling to identify and program specific responses and requirements for these processes.

Predictive Response to Constraints: PlantPAx MPC dynamically predicts process behavior against identified constraints and makes proactive adjustments to maintain process performance within identified limits.

Maximize Equipment Performance: Dynamic and steady-state constraints can be enforced in the software to maximize equipment performance up to its limits. 

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