Lippmann Milwaukee Designs Plant for Lannon Stone

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40 LisbonLead 400Lippmann Milwaukee designed and completed construction on a custom plant for Lannon Stone Products’ Lisbon gravel pit in Sussex, Wis.

Lannon Stone Products Inc. produces and sells construction aggregates from four locations in southeast Wisconsin where they serve the concrete, asphalt, road building, landscape, utility, grading and building stone industries.

The Lisbon Pit is somewhat unique in that it contains a gravel pit and a dolomitic limestone quarry in one location. The site is primarily covered by a glacial till containing many large rocks and boulders. This predominance of large rock gives the company’s stone products a very high percentage of fractured faces resulting in a better performing aggregate for concrete, asphalt and backfill applications. Under the glacial till is a hard white/grey dolomitic limestone deposit.

Hans Dawson, third-generation owner/operator, needed Lippman to design a primary plant that could process the top layer of material as efficiently as possible. Lippmann had to cope with the unique challenge of a wet gravel layer, which folds between the grizzlies and becomes impossible to feed, consuming horsepower and making production inefficient.

They responded with a Lippmann Primary Crushing Station with a Lippmann 3862 Portable Electric Jaw Crushing Plant, which provides immense power and a huge opening while retaining a low profile. Supported by a Lippmann 62-in. x 10-ft. scalping screen, the crusher is fed by a Lippmann Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder with 59-in. steel apron pans and 45-ft. sprocket centers.
The Primary Lippmann Jaw Crusher will enable the plant to produce around 700,000 tpy.

When asked about Lippmann’s after-sales support, Dawson had nothing but good things to say: “Lippmann personnel supported us all the way. Anything they make, we’ve always counted on their field and parts support, they’re great.”

A spokesperson for Lippmann explained, “The plant is performing to an excellent standard and is capable of producing more aggregate than Lannon Stone’s wash plant can handle, meaning they are fully future proofed for further improvements to their productivity and efficiency. Because they serve the Milwaukee area together with Chicago, our home state will benefit from these improvements, which gives us a special sense of pride in this achievement. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Lannon Stone.”

Lippmann Milwaukee,

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