Blue Bloodhound Offers Online Tool for Trucking

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44 BlueBloodhound 400Blue Bloodhound introduced a new digital technology that connects carriers and drivers. The innovative company is working to eliminate the rapidly increasing driver shortage with its web- and mobile-based solutions that connect independent, professional (CDL-licensed) drivers with motor carriers who have job opportunities.

Blue Bloodhound answers a very real need that has been plaguing the U.S. transportation industry for years. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), the driver shortage is reaching 50,000 and could go as high as 175,000 by 2024 if common industry practices are not changed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average age of a commercial driver in the U.S. is 55. This is particularly troubling in states like Ohio where, according to the Ohio Development Services Agency, more than 25 percent of the current population is 55 or older.

Blue Bloodhound empowers CDL drivers by letting them operate as fully independent contractors, experiencing the freedom and flexibility previously reserved for owner-operators. The easy-to-use app simplifies the traditional and often difficult application process by allowing drivers to create a Driver Qualification file as an independent contractor, enabling motor carriers to verify qualified drivers and determine availability in minutes. The intuitive technology serves as a vital connecting piece that expands the database of potential drivers for the carriers while providing drivers with more options for jobs as well as greater transparency in compensation structure.

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