New Technology from Superior Reduces Portable Plant Setup Time

PTP Superior 150

PTP Superior 400Superior Industries Inc. has developed new technology that speeds one of the most time-consuming steps in portable plant installation. Known as Level Assist, the new option automatically levels a plant once the machinery is raised to a desired height.

Historically, owners and operators tediously adjusted cribbing and jacks until a level plant was achieved. When operating in an uneven environment, it’s common for plants to create out of spec material, overstress bearings and gears, reduce production rates and increase vibration and parts’ wear.

This new feature, said Superior engineers, greatly speeds the process. Once the plant is in its operating location, the operator hydraulically lifts the machinery to a desired height then engages the Level Assist by switching the control panel from manual to auto mode. The new technology reduces labor force required for setup from two or more to one, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings if a plant is relocated or when simple readjusting is required.

Superior’s new Level Assist technology is an available option for new or can be retrofitted to existing portable crushing, screening and washing plants.

Superior Industries,

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