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20 APP 150

20 APP 400Trucker Path has launched the Truckloads app for iOS and added several new features to its portfolio of Android apps for the commercial trucking industry. The majority of the additional features have been designed to give users more input capabilities, including:

  • Tracking the age of posted loads to ensure that the user is viewing the freshest load postings available.
  • Display broker credit ratings on every load, increasing user’s confidence in the posting company’s ability to pay for carrier services.
  • Functionality to filter loads by destination to the city and zip code level, giving users the ability to search for loads in advance of arriving at a location.

Trucker Path usage continues to show significant growth and is now averaging some 36,000 daily POI searches, roughly 70,000 calls for POI details, 15,000 weigh station status updates, and some 13,000 truck stop parking availability updates.

The Trucker Path Pro navigational aid app, which includes more than 400,000 active users, now provides:

  • The ability for drivers to identify their truck and location to take advantage of available loads in their vicinity, if needed.
  • Users can contribute to the accuracy of available fuel prices by utilizing embedded crowdsourcing features.
  • Users can customize their points of interest (POI) to show only those POIs that interest them, such as hotels with truck parking, specific truck stops, truck washes, etc.
  • Users can set filters for identifying fueling station locations at or under a predetermined price for diesel.

“We listened to our user community and have developed the second in what will eventually be a suite of new products from Trucker Path,” said Charles Myers, vice president of strategy. “Our ultimate goal is to provide the over-the-road trucking community with a complete suite of apps and web-based tools to make their business more profitable and life on the road more fulfilling.”