Carmeuse ‘Stuffs the Truck’ in Ohio

The average winter temperature in northeast Ohio is well below freezing and tends to stay that way for weeks on end. For most people, that means we bump up the thermostat and put on an extra sweater. But for destitute and homeless men and women, 20 percent of whom are veterans, the freezing temperatures can mean frostbite, injuries and overall misery.

Thanks to the efforts of Carmeuse Grand River operation in Ohio, this winter is going to be a little bit warmer for many of the homeless. The Grand River facility hosted a very successful “Stuff the Truck” donation drive to benefit the local Sub-Zero Mission.

Donated items included sleeping bags, coats, hats, gloves, boots, socks, hoodies and a variety of other items all designed to fend off the cold. The items will be distributed to the homeless in several area communities.

The Sub Zero Mission is an accredited Ohio-based charity whose goal is to protect the homeless and destitute from freezing and injury caused by extreme weather exposure. The Mission has a special focus on military veterans.

Carmeuse North America supplies lime and limestone products for diverse applications in steel manufacturing, power generation, road construction and land development, the building industry, water treatment, waste treatment, oil and gas drilling, and chemical treatments. Carmeuse has 28 plants that supply and serve most of the United States and eastern Canada.

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