Fairbanks Instrument for Vehicle Weighing

40 Fairbanks 150

40 Fairbanks 400Fairbanks Scales Inc. offers the model FB6011 high-performance, user-friendly digital instrument for legal-for-trade, inbound/outbound weighing applications. Equipped with Intalogix digital load cell communications technology, the FB6011 is packaged in a NEMA 12 desktop enclosure, and specially designed for office environments.

With all the essential functions found in a sophisticated, high-traffic vehicle-weighing instrument, the FB6011 is a great way to create a new basic weighing system at an affordable price, the company said. It features three modes of operation, built-in traffic controls, multiple communication ports, and transaction export functions. The bright red, 16-segment, LED display allows for easier-to-read text compared to traditional seven-segment displays.

The FB6011 uses Intalogix digital load-cell technology, which works by converting a weak analog load cell signal to a stronger, more reliable digital interface. No matter the application, Intalogix facilitates an unsurpassed degree of resolution and accuracy, along with a high level of lightning/surge protection. With Intalogix, all load cell trimming, sectional adjustments and final scale calibration are performed through the instrument.

Take advantage of three different operations modes for maximum flexibility. Gross-tare-net mode (GTN) allows the scale operator to process weighments with or without the use of a keyboard-entered tare or autotare by simply pressing the print key. Inbound/outbound (In/Out) mode allows the operator to weigh in a vehicle and temporarily store the transaction, then press the out key to recall the inbound weighment and complete the transaction when the vehicle returns to the scale to exit the facility. The basic In/Out mode (one-button weighing) is designed for applications in which only gross and tare weight are needed.

The FB6011 instruments transmits weight data through a serial connection that can be interfaced to a (PC), and has the ability to export transaction files directly to a USB flash drive with csv format. It can match up inbound and outbound vehicles, store up to 1,000 tare weights, capture truck identification, and integrates with all manufacturers’ analog scales and popular traffic light controls.

Fairbanks Scales,www.fairbanks.com

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