Paladin Releases Mobile Lighting System

PTP CaselightCL10K 150

PTP CaselightCL10K 400The sun doesn’t work around the clock, but quarry operations often do. Quarry workers sometimes need powerful and reliable lighting that sets up quickly in order to extend hours and work safely. The Paladin Case Light CL10K was designed for brightness and mobility when it’s needed most, and where plugging into an outlet isn’t an option.

The Paladin Case Light CL10K offers up to 10,000 lumens of LED light for up to seven hours on battery power and can be deployed in under 20 seconds. Weighing just 32 lb. and no need for a plug, the Paladin Case Light CL10K is ready to go to any part of the quarry that needs light – from the muck pile to a concrete recycling operation.

“The new Caselight gives contractors flexibility to get work done in dark areas faster and safer,” said Paladin CEO Dick Mumma. “We wanted to design lighting that offers a real advantage in terms of saving time and reducing hazards, and the Paladin Case Light CL10K does just that.”

The Paladin Case Light CL10K provides the brilliant, portable light. The light output can be set to 10,000 or 5,000 lumens, giving off the perfect amount of light the situation or location calls for. Built with aircraft aluminum, blow-molded plastic, and ultra-durable polycarbonate, the Paladin Case Light CL10K can be used in even the harshest weather. If a crew can go there, the Paladin Case Light CL10K can light it.